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ISO Kuwait is one of the few organizations having services and clientele in Qalib ash-Shuyukh, As-Salimiyah, Al-Farwaniyah, ?awalli, Khi?anI, Al-Manqaf, Al-Fu?ay?il, A?-?aba?iyah, Sabah as-Salim, Salwa' and across the globe. This makes us preferred management system certification partner for all major multinational companies.

We offer training and consultancy for all the different ISO standards.

We help you to develop and implement Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, Health Safety Management System, Food Safety Management system, Information Security Management System, NABL Laboratory Accreditation. We are the preferred

  • ISO consultants in Hawallī, Hīţān-al-Janūbīyah, Jalīb aš-Šuyūh, al-Kuwayt, al-Farwaniyah, al-Ahmadi , Mubarak al-Kabir and as-Sālimīyah
  • ISO consultants in India
  • ISO certification in UAE Dubai Abu Dhabi
  • ISO Certificate consultants in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Al Khobar , Saudi Arabia, Oman and Bahrain.
  • ISO training, documentation, implementation and certification in Europe and Africa.

Along with ISO Implementation and consulting we also provide, Q Mark, OPITO and UL Certification